We are all natural manifestors this lifetime.  Each thought we create in our mind vibrates at its own energy flow that attracts its likeness (e.g., experiences, things, relationships).  A simple example, say if you have this huge craving for a cup of hot cocoa from the café across the street and you just can’t stop thinking about it.  The next thing you realized that you are doing is to throw your jacket on, grab your wallet and leave your house to buy that yummy chocolaty beverage.  Thought creates feelings.  Feeling triggers inspired actions.  Action manifests results.

Recalling my performance-driven years working for the corporate, I had no clue about what manifestation means at all.  All I cared was what’s the quickest way to make things happen?  How to get things done ASAP so we can move onto the next agenda?  Whether or not the results were met within the expected time frame, I sure did “manifest” a lot of stress and anxiety by pushing forward to breakthrough with an adrenaline rush.

The moment we feel the need to put our life force 150% to swim against the stream in order to succeed, we start creating blockages for ourselves. The over dominating masculine energy not only diminishes the level of enthusiasm for what we are working on but we get so easily exhausted!

Rather than rushing out the door and making things happen the linear way, I’d like to share what I’ve learned along my journey that truly helps manifestation in a soulful approach with a 5 step process.

Step 1:  Be honest about your self-sabotaging old patterns

When planting our valuable seeds (clear intentions) in the sacred garden of the mind, we don’t just expect that the seeds will turn into flowers (desired outcomes) the next day.   That is pure wishful thinking.  What we need first is to remove the stubborn weeds (toxic habits, beliefs, etc.) that are blocking seeds from sprouting healthily.

We cannot underestimate the impact of having self-sabotaging habits (i.e. scarcity mentality, insecurity, fear) that are deeply rooted in the subconscious mind.  Without being honest with ourselves by admitting that we do have these old patterns, it can really block us from owning our power and stop us from becoming who we truly want to be.  So, the most important step is to keep your mind weed-free!

What are your most stubborn weeds that you want to let go of?

Close your eyes and really feel into that.  What deeper messages are they revealing to you about your relationship with yourself or even with the Universe (you can change the word to God, Source, Divine, etc.)

e.g., I’ve been hurt by many loved ones, and I’ll never be healed.

e.g., I don’t believe that there’s any higher power and I need to make everything happen by myself?

Are you willing to release these roots and create an empowering loving new beginning?    If you nod your head and say yes, then read on! 🙂

Transformation begins with the radical acceptance of what is. – Danielle LaPort

Step 2:  Choose empowering beliefs to replace the old

Now you are saying yes to release the roots that no longer serve you; then it’s time to welcome the change.

Regardless which areas you’d like to change, it’s always great to ask for spiritual support.  For instance, if a self-sabotaging belief has to do with “I am flawed.”  Then, it’s important to invite a new positive energy into your subconscious mind by start acknowledging that “I am already whole & complete.” (note:  you might feel awkward to think that you resonate with the words, but allow yourself time to seep in gradually.)

My personal favorite is “I am always guided to make the right choice at the right time.”  It helps me to let go of the need to control the outcomes.

Once your new empowering statements are decided, it’s essential just to choose one that you’d like to focus on and stick with it till you start to feel the shift. Using sticky notes is a great way to stimulate your visual sensory system, and it’d be even better by saying it out loud couple times a day, which helps rewire your brain with a different set of beliefs.  Again, it’s not an overnight fix, so have patience and enjoy this on-going process as miracles unfold organically.

Step 3:  Connect to a higher power with Love

It’s essential to understand that we are always co-creating with the Universe whether you know it or not.  Just like having genuine conversations with a friend on a regular basis, we get an immediate response, support or feedback from the person.  It’s good to establish the same kind of relationship with the unseen power that is always open for us to tap in for guidance.  And guess what, we all have access to that.

A heads up.  We want to initiate all conversations based on the purest form possible.  In short, it has to come from a truly loving space of our hearts (let go of ego.)  During your meditation or prayer, you can ask while letting yourself be impregnated with the desires:

What does my soul want me to know so I can serve the highest good (for others, loved ones or the humanity)?

Don’t worry too much about not being able to grasp anything immediately at the initial stage.  What matters the most is that you need to trust that you are being guided as long as you are aligned with your soul (heart-centered,) rather from an egoistic mindset.

Step 4: Take inspired actions

While nurturing and tending the seeds with faith (loving fertilizer!) you want to take inspired actions towards the desires.  Regardless a giant leap or a small step, without taking any action is like telling the Universe to pend the co-creation.  Again, we are energetic beings.  We cannot produce anything by stagnating our energy.  Emotion is Energy in Motion.  To manifest desires, you need to take actions by moving (or doing) while allowing yourself to feel inspired and energized.  When forcing yourself to make things happen just because you “should,” it stops you from creating your highest potential which usually leads to less desirable outcomes.  Keep your vibration high!

Step 5: Trust & receive with Gratitude

I don’t know how much I have to emphasize the importance of being truly receptive.  “Letting it be” doesn’t mean that you are either giving up or not taking charge anymore.  It’s a choice to be willing to stay curious and see how it unfolds in front of you without getting panicky or trying to make things work out the way you wanted.

Surrender to the natural flow.  You’ve done your part of the creation, and it’s time to give yourself permission to step back and hand the control panel to the Universe.  Dropping attachment to expectation is an art to master.  Trust that you are being taken care of just because you’ve done your part.  Then, allow the divine timing to tell you what the next step is to take.

Gratitude is the best attitude.  When we raise our vibration, we consciously create more abundance and better circumstances that are magnetized by the state of our being.

“I will be grateful if everything happens the way I want.”  Sorry, but manifestation soulfully is not a commercial trade with the higher power.    We thank for the fact that everything is being taken care of behind the scene and we don’t need to doubt.  Even if the outcomes don’t turn out to be the way you’d like, trust that something better is coming your way.  Be open to receiving with joy and wonder.

Just like after placing an order in a fine restaurant, we don’t need to check with the chef in the kitchen every 10 minutes to make sure if our food is well prepared.  We just know that everything will be provided beautifully when it’s ready to be served.  I understand that it’s hard not to care about something you’ve already been putting so much attention on.  But, learning to trust without worrying too much can save you tons of energy as you know that the Universe has your back. 🙂

Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.  – Rumi


Sending you lots of love, joy, peace and happiness,

xoxo, Jen