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Let’s See If This Program Is For You

Are You…?

  • A professional woman with great ambition, but feeling overwhelmed, lost, drained or sick of life in general?
  • Judging yourself for achieving too little even if you already have done so much?
  • Having +1000 of friends on social media but having a hard time to find a trustworthy someone to talk to when feeling down?
  • Go-getter + feeling guilty for not finishing 20 item to-do list all at once?
  • Sensitive, feel the need to take care of others (while putting yourself at last)?
  • Love to dive in deep to connect with yourself?
  • Seek soul purpose in life and look for ways to make a shift towards your dream?
  • Racing the clock to get the most done in the least amount of time?
  • Feeling the need to please people so to feel more secure?
  • Self-critical about any mistake or failure made?
  • Hearing an inner voice: Am I good enough for this?
  • Losing the sense of who you are as a person?
  • Looking for inner peace?
  • Looking for someone to help you grow your self-esteem or self-confidence?
  • Committed to making something happen, that brings out the unique YOU?
  • Looking for someone to hold your hand every step of the way?

My Promise To You

My promise is that by the end of this six-month program you will

  • Start exuberating self-confidence: I believe women who reconnect with their self-worth truly radiate confidence when they feel inner happiness in life rather than reacting towards the outer world.
  • Reconnect with your intuition, the higher wisdom: I believe that when we connect with our intuition and speak our truth, it significantly increases the quality of the decision-making in life.
  • Enjoy simple self-love strategies: I believe to strengthen our self-love muscle with practical routines that will absolutely enhance our self-esteem and self-worth.
  • Setting free of your hidden super power: I believe we can create without limit when we own our innate gifts and embrace our quirkiness.
  • Uncover your inner radiance & peace: I believe that developing self-awareness is the key to living our authenticity and reenergize our core feminine energy.
  • Break your old paradigms and release limiting beliefs: I believe long-lasting transformation and flow take place when we choose to be self-loving and to live our truth.

In my 6-month Self-Love Incubator Program, you’ll learn:


  • Crack your Core Shadow Beliefs & Know your Love Truths with Self-Awareness
  • Tap into your Intuition and Own your Power with Self-Trust
  • Cultivate your Feminine Energy with Self-Acceptance
  • Empower Your Radiance with Self-Expression
  • Self-Honoring Process with Boundary Loving.
  • The 8 Power-Pillars, Your Final Integration.

It depends on

Your ability to keep on track, your willingness to achieve these goals and put in the work throughout different stages of your transformation. We will discuss these in our first interview and see if we are the right fit!

This program will give you the strategies to grow your confidence and self-esteem at a faster pace, the support to keep going even when it gets harder and the faith you need during each transformational stage.
My goal is to help you METAMORPHOSIZE into your BEST SELF so that you can tap in your ultimate self-confidence and inner peace anytime while expressing your unique power in all areas of your life.
If you are serious about clearing limiting beliefs and get aligned with your soul in a loving way, I’m here to help you do that. Let’s chat, and I’m looking forward to connecting with you!

My goal is to help you become your BEST SELF so that you can tap in your ultimate self-confidence and inner peace anytime while expressing your unique power in all areas of your life.

What people say about me

What others have to say about working with me

Jen exhibited such charisma and ease to engage in conversations with her, which helped me to navigate through different scenarios. She provided immeasurable support and guidance that I did not even realize I needed. Jen has natural coaching talents and all her future clients will be lucky to be embraced by her support.

Wendy Fu

The coaching work that I did with Jen helped me get clear, grounded and feeling so much more positive about my situation. I always felt listened to and acknowledged as she held space for me and encouraged me to transform into my best self. She has a gentleness and kindness to her that made me always feel like I could trust her with my deepest thoughts and fears. At the same time, I really like that she would switch into a no-nonsense persona and she kicked my butt out of my comfort zone and challenged me to see myself in new, more positive ways.

Tina Koyama

Jen’s rich multi-cultural background and gift to see resonated with me deeply. After talking to Jen, I felt very uplifted and even more in touch with my inner core flame. Even now, I remember the conversation and the impression and memory of exhilarating and happy sunny day come to mind.  I’m very grateful to her inspiration and insight! You will feel very empowered on your way by working with this warm, beautiful and extremely gifted visionary!

Nazanine Nuri Attika

I sign up to work with Jen because I was feeling out of balance in my life and felt like I needed to have kinder self-talk in my days. Jen helped me identify sources of these feelings and provided me awesome tools to be kinder with myself. I felt energized and excited after our talk, and I feel like I am right where I need to be with great support that I received from her!

Jordyn Rice


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