We say we believe in miracles, and we do, but how many of us actually believe that miracles happen on a regular basis?  It is not easy to wholeheartedly feel into that miraculous space when we get physically, emotionally, and mentally drained in this overwhelming world.

So, I have an urge to share this incredible little story that has taken me weeks to chew on and digest the lessons behind.  I can hear the song “When You Believe” playing in my ear. 🙂


One of the areas in life that I set my intention to cultivate this year is sister love.  I was craving to deepen the relationship with my siblings for long, but it hasn’t always been easy to do so when they have their own family life to engage with.  The past summer, I was finally able to arrange a short trip overseas in Singapore with Grace (without the kiddos) for our in-depth sister bonding, and I was so looking forward to it!

Before our departure, my 3-year-old niece, Erin struggled to let her mom leave unless we promised to get her a present on the way back.

“What do you want, Erin?”

“The Blue Crocodile!” she exclaimed with excitement.

“Ok, be a good girl, and Mommy will bring back your Mr. Crocodile, pinky swear?” my sister snuggled her in the arms, and I was left in complete puzzlement.

“Who’s Mr. Crocodile, by the way, a new Disney character?” I gave Grace a curious stare.

“Oh, it’s just a random character I made up for her bedtime story, and she seems to like it a lot,” she responded lightly.

Well, that’s just great…where do you think we can find that Mr. Crocodile in Singapore and it has to be in BLUE?!  We were just being called to achieve a Mission Impossible by a 3-year-old who insisted on having the “customized gift from the Universe” and facing the consequence of a possible broken promise with kids this age wouldn’t be fun.

We didn’t know how exactly it’d be carried out, but letting it unfold without expectation was probably the ultimate guide for the moment.  I silently prayed to the Divine.

So, that was how everything started.


Our stay in Singapore was a blast.  Beautiful weather, amazing food, and hanging out with our local friends really made the trip worthwhile.   However, one single thing that still made us restless and fidgety was the overpromising part to please little Erin.

Where is Mr. crocodile? 

Searching nonstop every day from one shopping mall to another wasn’t too inspiring.  We had seen enough toys to make our heads spin.  Despite thousands of toys displayed in front us with a wide variety of stuffed animals and games, none was related to the word “crocodile” (not to even mention about the color).  I guess crocodile isn’t popular in the animal toy kingdom. Lol.

“I just saw some dinosaur toys; can’t we just get her a dinosaur instead?  Aren’t crocodiles the ancient cousins of dinosaurs”? 

Obviously, I was starting to lose my grip.  Scavenger hunt felt like a total chore, and I caught myself being upset at Grace’s imprudent promise to spoil her daughter that had made both of us so exhausted.  It was challenging not only our patience but our “sister bond”.

Not till the very last day, we both agreed to raise the white flag.  I felt that the Universe was laughing behind my back for simply trusting too much on the “divine flow.”  Well, worse comes worst, I can always draw her a crocodile on paper for whatever color she wants, or we can just take her to the zoo one day?  I could already foresee the disappointed look on that 3-year-old’s face.

Then, my brother-in-law called before we were heading to Singapore Airport from the hotel.

“Hey, can you guys get some lollipops for Erin, if you happen to see them?  She’s been nagging me about it for days.”

”Oh, lollipops?  My goodness, of course!  That’s called a practical wish to be fulfilled!  I had the feeling of breaking out of invisible handcuffs.  Now we are officially off duty from chasing after something that doesn’t even exist!

As we were giving each other a high-five to celebrate our mission impossible turning possible, we heard the 3-year-old’s voice came from the other side of the call full of enthusiasm “Mommy!! Is my Blue Crocodile taking the flight with you and auntie Jen today?”

Speechless…  Well…miracle does happen, right?

<Divine Ending>

When we arrived at the airport, the first thing was to grab some quick souvenirs for friends and family at a Duty-Free shop that sold only specialty chocolates.  As I walked towards one of the retail display shelves where different boxes of assorted chocolates stacked on top of each other, I noticed something.  The bottom layer of the shelf was so low to the point that could be barely seen, but I could tell that there was something placed underneath.

I arched my back and bent down my knees to reach out to that mysterious shelf space.  Instantly, I felt something fluffy… it definitely doesn’t feel like a chocolate box.  The moment I pulled IT out, I got goosebumps all over my body.  I couldn’t believe what popped up in front of my eyes.

“Hey, Grace, look…at this…”  I stuttered while raising IT high up to show my sister.

A CROCODILE holding a lollipop in his hand, filled with assorted lollipops in his tummy!!  And…it is a BLUE one!  In fact, it’s a backpack for kids manufactured by the lollipop company, Chupa Chups.  I thought we were in a place selling ONLY chocolates?!  Although there were also Green frog and Yellow ducky backpacks available, the Blue Crocodile was the last one in the store.

I couldn’t possibly breathe nor wrap my mind around it because everything appeared so surreal.  I could never think of such a perfect all-in-one combo made of a Crocodile toy, lollipops galore, in blue, a backpack (as a bonus) showed up in our very last moment before leaving the country!

Shocked.  Yet, pure joy.  A miracle, I smiled in tears with so much gratitude.

After processing it, I’d love to share some major lessons that I’ve learned from the story of Mr. Crocodile.

1. Keep up the faith

Our mind, an expert of creating a horror movie, loves to protect you by telling you the worst scenarios ever so you can avoid getting hurt.  And if we choose to believe it, our body as an actor will do the magic to play out the script as real as possible, and voila, we create exactly what is projected out from our inner fear.

In the midst of looking for our life purpose or going through suffering, we could feel blindfolded or even want to give up.  But don’t give up.  Experiencing a downward spiral is temporary.  If it doesn’t turn out the way we expected it, it means something better is waiting out there.  The Universe is way more intelligent and creative than us.

Some changes look negative on the surface, but you will soon realize that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge.  ~ Eckhart Tolle. 

2. Miracle exists in the present moment

I’ve mentioned the power of staying present before.  This is not only a concept because it is real.  I used to have a love and hate relationship with the present moment.  The tendency of snapping out of the NOW was based on my fear of experiencing certain emotional intensity.  I was too scared to feel.

The truth is that it’s safe to feel whatever that we need to experience every moment.  Of course, staying in the present does not guarantee that we will only feel happiness or other positive states.  But, what I realize is that conscious decision can only be made when we choose to live in the moment.  And that is how we reclaim our power instead of getting trapped in our victim stories.

Our lives are what they are because of the choices we have made up to this point.

We can only choose a fear-based or love-based action in the NOW.  Once we choose consciously or unconsciously, that specific moment turns into part of the history that becomes who we are in the next moment.

Without being fully in the moment and activating all our senses to explore, chances are we can miss out on the clues, resources or inspiration that are available for us to tap in.   We can’t possibly see or feel any miracle because our mind is just way too occupied!

Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have. ~ Eckhart Tolle

3. Don’t make assumptions

We could jump into conclusion at the very beginning that there’s no way we could find a virtual animal in this physical realm because Mr. Crocodile was just some airy-fairy tale that my sister made up for her little one.

As Don Miguel Ruiz said in his book, the Four Agreements, “The way to avoid making assumptions is to make a conscious effort to find the quieter space in our minds.”

We as human, we tend to rely on our brain to rationalize everything so we can fully feel safe to be in control of the outcomes.  However, it could actually make things more complicated and cause unnecessary pain in our life.

Never say never, because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion. ~ Michael Jordon

4. Surrender to divine order 

I believe that everything is truly in divine order. The universe has a system that works.

If we’ve found the Crocodile toy (can’t promise to be a blue one) within the first couple of days during our stay, we might’ve still need to buy lollipops separately somewhere else.   And if it were easy – I wouldn’t probably appreciate as much as what it has taught me through this experience.

When it comes to relationships with others, we find people who share moments on the path with us might not show up perfect in every way for whatever needs we have at the time.  We can feel confused, frustrated, overwhelmed and feel like a victim.  However, when we look back, we can see the wisdom well embedded in all the past events.

People, place, things in our life are placed for good reasons to teach us what we are here to learn and desire to experience. It has all been perfect.  Trust that the Divine has its plan to serve our highest good.

When I get caught up in something that I can’t possibly understand, I ask guidance from the Universe by asking:

What are you trying to teach me here, Divine?

What can I do so it serves everyone’s highest good (if there are other people involved in the picture)?

Sit with this question. Ask it often. Listen closely. Look around. Remain curious, see what comes up (no judgment) and most importantly, be patient.

5. Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude

An attitude of gratitude is not a worn-out cliché, but it is a cycle of doing, recognizing, saying thank you to everything, and starting again.  If we can embody the energy of gratitude as we live throughout our days, weeks, months or years, we allow ourselves to feel into the truth, blessing, and wisdom of what each moment is given to us.

When I say that I am grateful, I recognize my gifts.  When I make a gratitude list, it moves me from a funk to an awareness of what is going well in my life.  When I say thank you, it is apparent that someone has or will be doing something for me whether I deserve it or not.  It is a proactive way of Self-Love because we are the beneficiaries of our conscious actions (even when things get challenging in life).

“Gratitude is my attitude.”  Not an easy mantra for daily living but certainly worth a try.  I love this song “I’m so Grateful” by Karen Drucker and let’s continue to believe in miracles.


Every moment is actually a miracle.  We can notice miracles happening in our day-to-day life.  Recollect any weird but true experience you’ve gone through.  Perhaps a book, song, or a stranger answered an important question that was on your mind.  Or perhaps you had a dream one night that came true the next day.

Look back at the time when you got married, or when you became a parent, or perhaps important events of your career.  Perhaps help arrived suddenly just when you needed it.  You were broke or lost, and suddenly you got financial support or found your way when you least expected it.

What would you call all such sudden happenings that were beyond mere coincidence? I would just call them miracles!

MI.R.A.C.L.E- Me Regularly, Actively, Seeing Light in Everything (Every moment).  ~ Jen Yang.

Sending you lots of love, joy, peace, and happiness,

xoxo, Jen